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The homepage exists since 1997 and has been developed since then constantly. Once initiated as the cultural-project of the federal state of lower saxony the romanesque theme has been admitted by the administrative district of helmstedt ( in 1995 as its most important cultural project.



Romanesque is an epochal experience which is even irrecognizable in many areas up to now. It is a theme which many tradition-conscious citizens are aware of as a great number of clerical buildings are still existing up to now and are used as church meeting points.

The romanesque team of the administrative district of helmstedt wants to provide a european directory of romanesque buildings and informations with this new fixed internet representation. The Internet is the best platform for this idea. Therefore we connected our know-how with the programming skills of one of our partner companies in the administrative district of helmstedt and developed a brand new concept.

The romanesque directory which you can find in our database is designed to let parishs, organizers, event-manage-companies, exhibitors and many others be registered in this database. The directory is characterized by an exceptional user´s comfort and shall bring together in romanesque interested people with providers of romanesque experiences.




Church congress · 25.05.2005

The german protestant church congress takes place from 25.5.2005 until 29.5.2005 in hannover/lower saxony.The romanesque europe team will take part. We´ll be enjoyed to meet you there.

Süpplingenburg · 26.11.2004

The district administrator of helmstedt Mr. Gerhard Kilian accompanied by the polish district administrator of Piotrowskiego Mr. Stanislaw Cubala and the general master of an order and prior of the templar order "Ordo Militiae Christi Templi Hierosolymitani" Mr. Werner Rind will open the exhibition ""Knights templar and romanesque buildings at 11:00 a.m. in the church auf Saint Johannes in Süpplingenburg. This event is the opener for the romanesque europe project.